youtube-one-channelYouTube has just upgraded all their YouTube channels to their new one channel approach. This means that if you have a YouTube account, your channel will look very different. And if you are thinking about sharing video online, your content will be shown within this new channel format.

The change to the one channel format is step forward, both in looks as well as in interaction with your users. Finally the channel will not only have the same look on a phone, a tablet and a computer, but it will also include that look when you use YouTube on your television.

The new channels allow you to make give your channel much more of the feel that people would have when they enter your church. The YouTube channel now allows you to use much bigger images that will enhance the feel of your channel. You can have it reflect the experience that people have when they visit your services, small groups or the vibe that exists in your church community. You can also add gadgets to your YouTube channel, so you can increase interaction with people that are viewing your videos. This can allow you to reach out to one-time but also regular viewers that you would have no contact with otherwise. Obviously this is not limited to churches. You can do this with any organization. It just allows you to bring the experience of being somewhere into your YouTube channel.

If you want to read about the technical details, they did a great writeup at YouTube. If you are thinking about whether or not you ought to share video, please stay tuned as I want to write about that soon.

IF you want to get a feel for one channel, watch the video below.